Cerulean Arts
Cultivating an appreciation for art by presenting exhibitions, offering unique decorative and fine arts for sale and providing art instruction for personal fulfillment.

Cerulean Arts will be closed for the month of August but we look forward to seeing you this September at the start of the 2017 / 2018 season!  To see our upcoming exhibition schedule click here.

Cerulean Arts Expanded Galleries

This September the expanded galleries will be home to our new venture the Cerulean Arts Collective.  We are excited to welcome our first group of Collective Members:
 Kassem Amoudi, Sandra Benhaim, Alysa Bennett, Lydia Brown, Kitty Caparella, Sean Carney, Cathleen Cohen, Meghan Cox, Kathleen Craig, Susan D'Alessio, Daniel Dallmann, Pia DeGirolamo, Maria DiMauro, Chris Feiro, Leslie Fenton, Ruth Formica, Fran Gibson, E. (Mur) Sherman Hayman, Amy Herzel, Patricia Ingersoll, Gary Jenkins, Charles Kalick, Jacob Lunderby, Andrea Lyons, Tilda Mann, Laura Marconi, Janice Merendino, Carol Moore, Michael Moore, Amanda Moseley, Nancy Neill, Jeanne O'Shell, Diane Pieri, Elaina Posey, Mary Powers Holt, Liz Price, Jack Ramsdale, Stephanie Rogers, Rachel Romano, Gus Sermas, Robert Sigafoos, Michelle Soslau, Carol Taylor-Kearney, Jeff Thomsen, Sally Van Orden, Ian Wagner and Ruth Wolf.

We will be sharing more about Collective Members and their work in the coming weeks!

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